Young Vampire
The new spawn of Strahd fought the transformation as long as possible, but the force of evil is relentless.
The young vampire activates at the start of each Villain Phase.
16 8
TACTICS If the young vampire is adjacent to a Hero, it attacks that Hero with claws and fangs.
If the young vampire is within 1 tile of two or more Heroes, it attacks each Hero within 1 tile of it with a hypnotic gaze.
If the young vampire is on a Start tile, the active Hero takes 1 damage.
Otherwise, the young vampire moves 1 tile in the direction of this tile's triangle.
fangs: +8 2, the young vampire regains 1 Hit Point, and the young vampire moves 1 tile in the direction of its tile's triangle.
gaze: +6 2 and place the Hero 1 tile deeper into the dungeon
SOURCE Castle Ravenloft™

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